10 Essential Marble Decorative Accessories

Brodi Marble Board


Marble stone graces some of the most beautiful monuments, sculptures, and buildings, for example, the Taj Mahal of India and the Duomo of Florence, Italy. In interior design, marble is among the most expensive materials, but with marble décor you can elicit the atmosphere of luxury and class without a costly home renovation. Your home can have an elegant and opulent look if you embrace marble decorative pieces in some of its interior spaces. Pepper + Vetiver explores some decorative marble ideas that you can use to get that classy finish your home deserves.

Marble Colt Salt + Pepper Shakers

1) Colt Salt + Pepper Shakers

A pair of marble salt and pepper shakers is an excellent place to start glamming your dining or kitchen countertops. Make the seasoning of your food accessible and enjoyable. The marble look of the salt and pepper shakers also has a bright copper base, highlighting the effortless luxury of the most basic kitchen accessories. Or consider a marble pinch pot with a brass spoon for one of our smaller marble décor accessories that sprinkles a touch of elegance within your kitchen.

Opula Marble Chain

2. Opula Marble Chain

Marble chain decor is a simple and elegant way to evoke luxury, history, texture, and contrast anywhere in your home. The best-selling Opula Marble Chain creates an aesthetic that is timeless and modern, classic and chic, dignified and picturesque. Marble is thoroughly dynamic, adding the natural elements cut from the earth's quarries into the rooms you love. Wood surfaces including shelves, credenzas, coffee tables, and mantels offer warm tones to contrast and highlight marble's immortal appeal.

Emerson Marble Board

3. Emerson Marble Board and Brodi Marble Board

Marble boards are an elegant way to serve guests a cup of coffee, hors d’Oeuvres, cheeses, vegetables, fruit, and various meats in a classic style. Emerson marble boards make for an elegant finish, especially when placed on the dining room table. The board is available in white, gray, and tan colors. For another marble décor style, explore the Brodi marble board. The beautiful board is available in white and black colors. Our Marble Board Collection has various designs and shapes, that can easily accentuate your home's style with marble decorative pieces.

Ainsley Marble + Gold Tiered Tray

4. Ainsley Marble + Gold Tiered Tray

A gold stem joins the round marble trays with a solid base. The stylish heavy base ensures that your trays are stable. Our Marble Gold Tiered Tray is easy to clean and polish. It adds positive energy to meal preparation and presentation. In addition, the beautiful piece can be quickly moved from one setting to another when serving desserts or cocktails.

Marble Idra Cake Stand

5. The Idra Cake Stand and the Mabel Cake Tray

A marble cake stand is perfect for displaying cakes, as well as fruit and various desserts. This marble tray on a wood base projects glamorous utility and down-to-earth sophistication, while elevating your food items to stir the appetite of guests. Need a complimentary marble serving tray? The marble and wood Mabel cake tray comes with a transparent glass dome preserving your desserts, while revealing their indulgence.

Elysian Marble Footed Bowl

6. Elysian Marble Footed Bowl

Marble décor offers a high-end interior look that garnishes the rooms of your home. One of the best marble pieces to elevate any space is the Elysian Marble Footed Bowl. This marble footed bowl elegantly stands and commands attention on any surface. A wonderful accent for console tables, shelves, and table centerpieces, the Elysian Marble Footed Bowl is also a perfect tandem with our best-selling Marble Chain Decor.

Bianca Marble Serving Plates

7. Bianca Marble Serving Plates

Bring minimalist elegance to your table with the Bianca modern serving plates. The white marble plates are in hexagonal and round shapes with varying patterns. These plates are ideal for serving cake, bread, cheese, or dessert and come in multiple sizes to compliment your different dishes. Marble serveware allows you to serve your guests with luxurious simplicity.

Shiloh Marble Chain Decor

8. Shiloh Marble Chain Decor

The Shiloh Marble chain is perfect for the bare surfaces you have yet to adorn. The black marble chain is a wonderful finish for a white kitchen island, and adds contrast to any neutral surface. Perfect for any room including front hall tables, living rooms, and bathroom counters, the dark interlocking chains evoke permanence and infinite stability.

Raegan Marble and Wood Serving Board

9. The Raegan Marble and Wood Serving Board

The Raegan Marble and wood serving board combines white marble and engraved wood that complete its look. The marble board is elegant and adds class to your kitchen countertop and dining space. It is a lovely piece that allows you to serve a small amount of cheese, pizza, and appetizers. All wood boards have been carved, and their appearance varies.

Buckley Wood + Marble White coasters

10. Buckley Wood + White Coasters

The Buckley Wood + White Marble Coasters are beautiful marble décor that protect your surfaces from water rings caused by condensation. The combination of natural wood with white marble brings earthy, elegant tones to your table or bar. These simple but elegant coasters are also a perfect tandem with the wood and white marble wine coaster for displaying your wine bottle and defending against drips and stains.


Marble Decorative Accessories For Your Home

These 10 Essential Marble Decorative Accessories give your home a modern and hospitable elegance, without breaking the bank. Explore more marble home décor ideas, and learn how to mix modern and vintage décor on our blog.