Learn How to Mix Modern and Vintage Decor in 2023

Learn How to Mix Modern and Vintage Decor in 2022

Learning how to mix modern and vintage decor empowers designers to blend existing spaces with contemporary and classic furnishings. Don’t worry, whether you have an unlimited budget or need elegant decoration that won’t break the bank, Pepper + Vetiver home decor helps you add vintage pieces to a modern home or spruce up your antique rooms with sophisticated modern decor. Along the way, you’ll learn how to incorporate vintage pieces into any modern design without shoving furniture or accessories into a corner and hoping no one notices! Mixing modern with vintage is always a design forward approach, creating a curated look for your home. Let’s get started as we Learn How to Mix Modern and Vintage Décor in 2022.

Defining Vintage and Modern

Vintage and modern are terms that get thrown around design and decor circles with different meanings. Let’s see if we can clarify. Vintage is often used in wine and design circles to denote high quality, and though age does not always factor into the definition, vintage does imply a piece that evokes an era that precedes the present day by between 30 and 100 years. Though the term "antique" is often thought to be a simile of vintage, antiques are actually much older and directly correlated to their age, which are furniture and décor more than 100 years old. The use of the term modern is most often used as a synonym for new, current, present-day, and contemporary. However, designers also use modern as a synonym for modernism, which was a global movement from 1930 to 1970, also called midcentury modern design. In general, modern evokes styles that are present day, new, or trending within the last 30 years.

Incorporate Harmony with Your Decor

Hayes Wood + White Bowls

Harmony is a design principle that all of the elements in a room fit together visually, creating a pleasing experience. One of the ways to do this is to choose decor that complements your existing color schemes or repeats a color scheme that draws the eye. You can also do this through the repetition of textures and styles. For example, you might intentionally spruce up your surfaces with a collection of attractive new home decor ideas like the Hayes Wood + White Bowls from Pepper + Vetiver's wood bowl collection. These natural mango wood bowls are contrasted with their white enamel for a stunning combination you'll want to use every day and on special occasions. Functional and beautiful, these bowls are perfect for all of your entertaining needs adding a modern vintage elegance and effortless sophistication to your surfaces and meals. Curating and designing your decor for harmony allows you to thematically unify the focal point of the eyes in any room of the home.

Mix Different Wood Tones

Palmer Wood White Salad Bowl

Look to combine cool wood tones with other cool wood, and warm wood tones with the like. Neutral tone woods can be mixed with cool or warm woods, which allows you to mix modern or vintage wood pieces appropriately with your home’s existing themes. For example, select a cool wood vase atop wooden vintage furniture with cool or neutral tones, like a vintage coffee table, side table or bureau. Conversely, choose vintage decor from our terracotta vase collection atop a modern marble or white distressed surface. Mixing vintage and modern decor truly gives you the freedom to integrate an experience of the new with the old in your existing spaces.

Honor the 80/20 Rule

Dinnerware Sets

When you’re mixing styles use the 80/20 rule to have your rooms look cohesive rather than chaotic. The idea is to have 80% of your room or home in a primary style, and 20% of your room or home in a secondary style. For example, if your dining room is filled with an antique dining table, chandelier, and China cabinet you’ll want to use modern decor as an accent rather than attempting to blend larger pieces of contemporary furniture into the space. Selecting ageless dinnerware sets with elegant modern flatware that complements the vintage setting while bringing a stylish touch is a great way to incorporate a secondary style without going overboard.

Create Texture Contrast

Marble Decor on Wood Footed Bowl

Especially when mixing vintage into a modern style, texture contrast excites visual interest to any space. If you want to add antiques to your home, light fixtures, rugs, and artwork are three of the surest ways to do this. For less expensive options, pair timeless decor with texture contrasts like marble chain decor on a wood footed bowl. The contrasting textures blend seamlessly evoking a satisfying mix of modern and vintage.