3 Marble Home Décor Ideas That Never Go Out of Style (Update 2023)

Marble Home Décor Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Marble home decor remains a timeless staple in the art of interior design. With a rich history of architectural and structural glory from Solomon’s temple to the Parthenon of Ancient Greece and from the Taj Mahal to the pillars of the Supreme Court, decorative marble elicits the essence of integrity, durability, and luxury wherever it is displayed. Marble decoration will never go out of style, because it is time-tested through every empire to the current day, as a stylistic marker of societal and cultural elegance, confidence, and legacy. The good news is that whether or not your home is designed with marble floors and marble countertops, marble decor is affordable and can exhilarate any space in your home with its immortal aesthetic. From elegant marble serveware and marble chain decor, to marble vases and marble home accessories, Pepper + Vetiver reveals the best marble decor that never goes out of style for your home in 2023.

1) White Marble Decor

White Marble Decor

White marble decor easily elevates spaces in any style, with a polished finish. Decorate your tabletops with white marble vases that tie your rooms together with designs complementing traditional and modern spaces. White marble coasters add a stylish touch to any room, and white marble wine coasters promise guests and family will be entertained with luxurious versatility for many design themes. The natural veining accompanying white marble decor delivers elegance to any surface of your home including the kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. White marble decor beautifies interiors and blends with other decor and color palettes.

 What Goes Well with White Marble Decor?

White marble decor goes well with almost every style and material, especially wood. In the kitchen white serving boards blend effortlessly with Maison wood. White marble pairs well with a plethora of finishes in any room and is known for adorning each space with a venerable sparkle, livening surfaces made of wood as well as vintage furnishings. One exception would be pairing white marble with another stone, like granite, which has thicker veining and can clash. White marble decor offers the best opportunity to enrich the spaces of your home without the price tag associated with marble walls, and marble furniture because even a simple marble footed bowl heightens the atmosphere. Bottom line: white marble decor is functionally and stylistically versatile with an endless number of pairings for textures, tones, styles, colors, and materials.  


2) Marble Kitchen Decor

Marble Kitchen Decor

The counters of your kitchen present some of the best areas for the brilliance of marble decor. From marble boards to marble serveware, the surfaces of your kitchen are functionally enhanced and instantly modernized with marble kitchen decor stylizing your home's center. Add marble salt and pepper shakers to any style of kitchen table for depth and dimension with a marble footed bowl for stunning decorative accent or as a serving dish. Marble kitchen decor imparts comfort and class to your kitchen's ambiance and complements your meal preparation with useful and fashionable ways to serve your guests. And with its allure, marble is exceptional for presentation on marble cake stands, plates, trays and serving dishes. Marble serving plates are glamorous as displays and perfect for preparation and presentation.


3) Marble Decor Living Room

Marble Decor Living Room

Living room marble decor includes pieces like marble chain decor that evoke luxury, history, texture, and contrast. Marble accessories create an aesthetic that is both nostalgic and contemporary, romantic and trustworthy, luxurious and earthy. There are few material elements as dynamic as marble, which opens and augments the palette of stylistic options for your living room. Coffee tables, mantels, and surfaces made of woods and metals like gold, brass, and copper offer warm tones to showcase marble's timeless appeal, and make your home, your haven. 

Best Way to Clean Marble Decor

For lightly used stationary marble decor, like a classic marble vase or statue, the best way to clean the marble surface is to start with a simple feather duster that traps and holds dust particles. Marble is susceptible to staining and light scratching, so feather dusters and microfiber cotton cloths are ideal cleaning materials. With more frequently used marble accessories, like a marble cutting board, clean the marble surface with a mixture of water and mild dish soap--but avoid acidic cleaners with vinegar or lemon. Finally, dry the surface of your marble decor thoroughly to prevent water spots. 

Bottom Line: Is Marble Decor in Style?

Marble decor continues to grow in demand, and hasn't lost its luster or labor from antiquity. Trends and fads come and go, but marble is a staple for its elegant durability, timeless style, and functional beauty. Because it is infinitely versatile, marble decor mixes and matches with progressive trends for every interior design.