8 Must-Have Pieces for Decorating a Credenza

8 Must-Have Pieces for Decorating a Credenza

The credenza is a classic piece of furniture often used to hold dining room accessories. Over the years, designers have used the credenza as a focal point for dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms, bar rooms, and hallways. So how do you style a credenza if you have one of these sideboards in your home and you'd like to dress it up to add extra appeal? Pepper + Vetiver home décor is here to help. There are several must-have credenza decor pieces that you can use on and around the credenza to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Learn how to style a credenza like a professional interior designer with these simple, easy-to-follow decorating tips that require minimal effort!

Evette Footed Bowl with Marble Chain Decor

#1. Footed Bowl

When styling a credenza, you can't go wrong with adding a footed bowl on either side of the table. A timeless marble footed bowl is a simple yet sophisticated piece that you can mix with modern or vintage decor, and is also convenient for holding different things, such as fruit, plants, or even decorative pinecones, depending on the look you'd like to achieve. Our favorite? The best selling black Evette Footed Bowl, which goes perfectly with marble chain decor or a natural wood beaded garland. You can get two bowls and place one on each side to create an even scale appearance, or you can set the bowl in the center, placing other elements by its side.

 Daliah Textured Cream Vase Collection

#2. Flower Vase

Adding flowers to your credenza is another one of the many simple yet elegant credenza decorating ideas. Before you can add flowers to this furniture, you'll need the perfect vases for flowers to hold them. Choose from dozens of high-quality options, including glass, wooden, or even ceramic vases in different colors, styles, and designs. After you've selected your vase, choose which flowers you'll use. If you don't want to deal with the upkeep and maintenance involved in keeping real flowers alive, you can always purchase artificial ones, changing them throughout the different seasons.

Matte Black Candlesticks

#3. Candles 

Candles always add a special touch to a credenza and can fit perfectly between a cheese board, a vase full of flowers, and other elements you'll add to it. Taper candle holders are a beautiful way to bring subtlety into your home and create a sophisticated contrast with other décor items. Not sure what kind of candles to get? A quick search will leave you with hundreds of neat options, so you're sure to find something that will match the look and feel you’re going for during the decorating process.

#4. Table Lamp 

A small table lamp can add a sophisticated touch to a credenza. You can add a single lamp on one side or purchase two and place one on each side of the furniture, with other items in between them. If you plan on adding a lamp, make sure you choose wisely. You don't want something too large that will take up a lot of space and take away from the other elements you've added to your credenza. Rather than choosing something big and bulky, look for smaller lamps commonly placed on nightstands to find more compact light fixtures.

Jude Planter mini plant

#5. Mini Plants 

Miniature plants are another excellent addition to the credenza. These plants, like the Jude Planter, can naturally boost your mood, leaving you feeling better than before. In addition, small plants are easy to care for and often require much less water than larger plants. Of course, you always have the option of going for artificial plants. No matter what you decide, add a slight pop of color to your credenza with small potted plants, many of which come in cute, colorful holders. Not sure which plants will look best? You can't go wrong with having a few succulents. They look good, are easy to maintain, and can instantly add more appeal to your credenza.

Cheese Board

#6. Cheese Board 

A cheese board is another hospitable element to add to your dining room, kitchen or living room credenza when you have guests. When you’re not serving family and friends, you can put anything on top of this board that you believe would match the other items you're using to style your credenza and create the perfect aesthetic.

#7. Wall Art

Before decorating a credenza, think about the space directly above it. Is it a blank wall with absolutely nothing going on? If so, one of the simplest ways to enhance the overall look and feel of the credenza is to find an awe-inspiring piece of art to hang above it. Start by taking measurements of the open area to determine the space you'll have available for the artwork. Next, start looking for art pieces and wall art décor that speak to you. The goal is to find a conversation piece that goes with the other decorations in the dining room. Don't rush into hanging the first thing you can find on the wall. Instead, try to look for something you won't get tired of looking at every day.

Gold Bottle Brush Trees

#8. Seasonal Pieces

Take a seasonal approach to the credenza decor ideas by using different holiday-themed elements throughout the year. For example, you may want to add a few ceramic pumpkins on top of the furniture as soon as summer is over and fall begins. Once winter is approaching, you can swap the pumpkins out for something else, such as snowflakes, angels, or gold bottle brush trees that match your favorite winter holiday. Continue this tradition throughout the year by adding heart-themed items for Valentine's Day or fun beach-themed accessories during the warm summer months. Using seasonal items is a great way to switch up the look of your credenza from time to time to keep it looking its best.


If you've always wanted to know how to style a credenza, you can use some of these decorating tips to dress up such a convenient piece of furniture in your home. Combining different items, including wall art, candles, decorative bowls, and other accessories, can help you create the perfect aesthetic so that your credenza adds color and excitement to the room instead of sticking out like a sore thumb!