Benefits of Throw Blankets for Couch Décor

Benefits of Throw Blankets for Couch Decor

A throw blanket is a coverlet placed on a chair, couch, or bed. It can be small in size or large, depending on your preference. Throw blankets make your home appealing to the eye, and accent your bedrooms, chairs, and couch décor. Couch throws are significant in the home since they serve utilitarian and aesthetic functions. Pepper + Vetiver reveals the benefits of throw blankets for couch decor to achieve different purposes in your home.

Perfect addition to any Living Room

A throw blanket has subtle power in accentuating any living room's design. Depending on the colors and textures you use, it can tone down or make your home lively. Living room throw blankets invite family memories and social bonds. Throw blankets evoke hospitality and warmth for snuggling with your kids, and comfort while having coffee with your spouse.

Protect furniture against pets and children

Throw blankets aren’t solely for hospitality and warmth, but also serve utilitarian purposes. Pets like cats have a habit of scratching couches, especially when the house does not have a scratch post. Throws keep your pets warm while protecting your sofas from scratches. Additionally, young children tend to spill food and drinks on seats and throw blankets can aid in absorbing spills and protecting your furniture.


Throws are easy to move, especially around the living room. Choose smaller throws for chairs and personal use, and larger throws for couches and family use. Regardless, throw blankets are designed to be versatile, and adaptable. Unlike comforters and duvet covers, you can station a throw blanket anywhere you decide to rest.

Warm and cozy

Winter is a wonderful season for throw blankets on every couch, inviting family and guests to cozy up and stay warm. Throw blankets within arm’s reach transform the rooms of your home into comforting sanctuaries on cold winter days. Reading a book on the couch or watching a Christmas film with loved ones under a throw slows the season down to be enjoyed. Sharing a throw blanket brings your family together and creates seasonal memories that will never be forgotten.

Storage is Style

Throw blankets are designed to be stored in the open, creating furniture accents wherever they are draped or folded. They cover the spaces you want accented and can be folded to take up less space altogether. When you want your furniture to speak for itself, it’s easy to put your throws away in a closet or on the end of a bed. Or you can fold and place throws on the couch’s arm.

Easy to Clean

Throw blankets are easy to clean. Ensure that you check the manufacturer’s tag for directions on cleaning and drying. Some throws are machine washable, while others benefit from a quick drop off and pick up from the dry cleaners.


Throw blankets are light but warm. They ensure that your body gets warm without you struggling with a heavy cover. It cannot be compared to duvets and heavy blankets that make you feel tired when you try to sleep on the couch.

Best Throw Blankets

Throw blankets come in various colors, designs, styles, and shapes. The most common throw blankets are about 1m by 1.5m, but you can get larger sizes. The quality of the throw pillow fabric will determine the price, durability, and softness. Couch throws are available in different colors, such as beige, tan, white, and black. Here are some throw blanket ideas that you should consider for your couch:

Tidwell Textured Throw Blanket

  1. Tidwell Throw Blanket

The Tidwell throw blanket has a textured design and provides beautiful décor for your couch. The off-white throw is made from pure cotton and has a timeless waffle weave. It gives your body a fantastic feeling that lets you relax and drift into a small nap after work. The Tidwell textured blanket provides visual comfort and is lightweight during the summer season, while offering warmth and rest during winter.

Wesley Throw Blanket

  1. Wesley Throw Blanket

This blanket has tasseled edges and soft tones. It is available in cream and gray colors. The Wesley throw blanket has been woven with soft cotton to provide extra warmth and comfort to the user. It can match several sofa colors. If you love textured blankets, then the Wesley Throw blanket is one of the best in our store. Making a great addition to any living room, the matching Wesley throw pillows are a perfect combination with this throw.

Avery Throw Blanket

      3. Avery Throw Blanket

The Avery throw blanket has a beautiful waffle weave texture. It is available in gray and cream colors with a fringe on both ends. The acrylic blanket makes the house look classy and cozy when draped over the seats. The textured blanket would blend in well with plain color and smooth sofa fabrics. The Avery throw blanket will suit seats with earth colors like black, grey, or white.

Maraya Throw Blanket

     4. Maraya Throw Blanket

The Maraya throw blanket is among the textured blankets that easily fit in your living room space. The blanket is made from recycled cotton and is available in black and beige colors. It complements a house that has white, black, or tan seats. The Maraya throw is the best for people who are involved in saving the environment.

Iliana Throw Blanket

     5. Iliana Throw Blanket

If you love floral designs for your home, then the black and white Iliana throw blanket is the best. Iliana textured blankets are made from slub cotton, adding value and beauty to your living room. The blanket has a floral pattern and will warm your body when you snuggle on the sofa.

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Pepper + Vetiver has throw blankets with neutral tones and natural elements making them ideal for any room of the home. Throw blankets are popular in decorating a living room and they add an aesthetic value to the house. They protect the seats from scratches and spills if you have pets and children. You can make a collection of various throw blankets that suit different seasons and styles. Sign up for discounts and check your email for future offers and promotions.