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Welcome to our Home Decor Influencer of the Month Blog! We come across some of the most beautiful home decor accounts on a daily basis and wanted to share with you all some of our favorites that bring us inspiration on social media. Our online store features hand selected items inspired by a mix of Farmhouse, Bohemian, Modern and Industrial styles and we love influencers with similar aesthetics!


For January, we have chosen @SheGaveItAGo as our Influencer of the month! From her Instagram to her Blog, Brendt curates the most beautiful collections of Farmhouse and Vintage inspiration while also providing her audience a variety of helpful decorating and DIY tips and tricks! If you follow us on Instagram (@pepperandvetiver), then you know we just love white and neutral tones in our home décor mixed with plants (typically muted greens) and woods.@SheGaveItAGo pulls in all of our favorite tones in such a gorgeous display in each room of her home.

decor, farmhouse, modern farmhouse, rustic, vintage, throw blanket, blanket, entryway, sofa, display, couch, lantern, pillow, pillows, brick, exposed brick
Photo: @SheGaveItAGo

The blend of modern simplicity mixed with vintage intricacy makes for the perfect Modern Farmhouse look that we see frequented in her home. The textured details on the throw blanket and two pillows (below) are accentuated by the clean lines of the bedspread and simplicity of the room.

Bedroom, farmhouse, throw blanket, pillows, decor
Photo: @SheGaveItAGo

We also love all of the natural elements introduced in each room. When decorating with vintage pieces and neutral tones, integrating plants and florals can bring life into the space, adding what we believe is necessary warmth to your home.

entryway, decor, farmhouse, pillows, bench, plants
Photo: @SheGaveItAGo

A room like this, while still maintaining a Farmhouse feel, introduces some Industrial and Modern aspects with it’s thin black lines and abstract wall art. Whether you prefer a more rustic or modern Farmhouse look, @SheGaveItAGo will inspire you with ways to accent your neutral palette to create stunning and cozy spaces.

decor, farmhouse, sofa, living room, couch, coffee table, wall art, art, poof, pillows, modern farmhouse, rustic, minimalist, industrial
Photo: @SheGaveItAGo

Her eye for putting together seasonal and cozy displays is unparalleled. Creating warmth is what transforms a house into a home and Brendt offers tips for creating beautiful displays, seasonal inspiration, organization advice and more on her blog. Posts, such as “How to Decorate Your Mantel for Winter in 5 Easy Steps”, will guide you through creating warm and relaxing spaces and mastering the Farmhouse look.

decor, holidays, christmas, farmhouse, rustic, vintage, mantel, christmas tree, blanket, throw blanket, pillow, decorative pillow, display, decorating, fireplace, living room
Photo: @SheGaveItAGo

If you love her aesthetic as much as we do, be sure to head to her Instagram page here: @SheGaveItAGo and follow along with us @PepperandVetiver for more Farmhouse, Bohemian and Modern Styled inspiration!

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