What Does Your Fall Beverage Choice Say About Your Home Decor

What do your favorite fall drink and go-to home decor style have in common? The right cup and couch can put you in the right mood this season. They also reveal something about your taste, so it won't be far-fetched to suggest your beverage of choice can tell us about your preferred way of decorating your space.

In that case, we're here to serve up some real good matches between some crowd-pleasing fall sips and popular interior design themes.

Take your pick.

Pumpkin Spice Latte - Contemporary Interior Design Style

Pumpkin Spice Latte           contemporary interior design

It reigns as the queen of fall beverages and won't relinquish the throne anytime soon. You love it because it remains relatable, despite being on trend. You can even customize this seasonal sip to make it entirely your own. Now, when it comes to your personal space, the contemporary interior design style rules. You favor smooth, clean lines and are very particular when adding texture. While you welcome popular design ideas, you’re more drawn to the fact that these are ever-evolving.

Chai Tea - Country Living

country living chai tea        

Whether it’s milk or bourbon you pour into your chai tea, this milder-than-coffee alternative gives you that extra energy you’ll need throughout the colder months. Chai tea is a blend of different spices, so you get bonus points if you or your family mixes your own recipe. What’s great is that everything comes from nature: black tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and more.

This preference for natural materials extends to your interior style choice, with the rustic look of country living fitting you to a tee. This design option lets you mix and match shades, prints and patterns. Want a neutral color palette with simple shapes for your living room and bedroom instead? That’s also perfectly fine.

Black Raspberry Smoothie - Mid-Century Modern Interior Design style

Black Raspberry Smoothie - mid-century modern interiorMid Century Modern

This delicious, healthy drink is your autumn pick. Ideal for your mobile lifestyle, it’s quick to put together during breakfast or snack time. It’s also filled with the good stuff. With blackberries, raspberries, yogurt, honey and bananas as your base, it sounds apt for someone who likes the simplicity and functionality of mid-century modern interior design style for their home. Your floor areas are wide open. Your space is interrupted only by the gentle, organic curves of natural or man-made furniture. It’s all about moving freely, living your life on the go while getting powered by your favorite smoothie.

Classic Coffee - Traditional Home

Classic CoffeeTraditional Home

Consistency defines you, but you are by no means boring. You just have found an all-season drink – and prefer it heavy with cream or black. This is why the traditional home suits you. The timeless design of furniture and textiles brings you warmth and comfort. Your collection likely includes an intricately carved wooden bed or a finely woven rug, which can never go out of style. Go ahead and enjoy your cup under the light of your glamorous crystal chandelier.

Apple Cider Mimosas - Art Deco

Apple Cider Mimosas - industrial style

If you want the finer things but take on a liberal approach to your drink, home decor or life in general, we get why this would be your first choice. This sweet, bubbly cocktail is best served at brunch or any occasion. The modern interior design style is just as functional and flexible. It's a century-old theme that can be interpreted in various ways. it can be as straightforward as the industrial style or eclectic as Art Deco, or anything in between. In any case, we trust yours is the best expression of fancy but fuss-free.

Maple Old Fashioned Cocktail -  Traditional and Modern

Maple Old Fashioned CocktailTraditional and Modern

A fall and winter mainstay, this classic bourbon cocktail uses maple syrup instead of sugar. A few drops is enough to lightly sweeten the mix, while adding some walnut bitters makes for a nuttier flavor. It's all about getting the right balance with this beverage. This is the one and true choice for someone who goes for the transitional interior design style. Balancing traditional and modern items is your thing. You're inclined to pair antique kitchen and dining room furniture with a few of the latest dinnerware sets, for instance. Whatever you end up purchasing for your place, we're pretty sure they look and feel cohesive.

Hot Chocolate - Japanese-inspired minimalist interior design

Japanese-inspired minimalist - Hot chocolate

Are you a fan of hot choco? This rich, homemade beverage will warm you up on those chilly nights. It's easy and hassle-free to prepare. Sure, it can be infused with pumpkin spice, peppermint or whatever else you prefer. But for you who like it pure and minimalist, it doesn't have to be. You apply the same philosophy to your minimalist home. The Japanese-inspired minimalist interior design style is well-regarded for its penchant for empty spaces. So you keep all your rooms uncluttered and don't feel compelled to add anything that doesn't count as "essential".

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Mocha - Bohemian Style House Decor

eclectic interior design  | Slow Cooker Gingerbread Mochabohemian style house decor
Last but not least is this festive sip with diverse ingredients. Pour yourself a mug of this fantastic holiday drink which combines coffee, chocolate milk, molasses, ginger and gingerbread latte creamer. Easily, it captures the nuances of the season. You can say the same with the bohemian style house decor you keep at home. It's just that the nuances apply to various sources of inspiration, which the design choice gives a nod to. You turn to this eclectic interior design style because it is unconventional and unbothered by rules. But it proves that contradictions can also bring about something beautiful.

So, which autumn beverage-interior design style did you get? Whatever you choose, make sure to spice things up this season with your fave fall drink. And don't forget to update your home with some cozy decor to keep things bright and cheery.